How to Permanently Destroy Data on a Hard Drive

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Have you ever been concerned about whether it is possible to permanently destroy data on a hard drive? If yes, here are some effective methods for how to delete data on a hard drive permanently.

Why do We Need to Destroy Data on a Hard Drive Permanently?

People want to permanently destroy data on a hard disk for plenty of reasons, for example, to erase the files that contain viruses or delete the data on the hard drive before selling. But most importantly, it is to avoid data leakage. A typical desktop or laptop hard drive usually stores your private information like credit card numbers, social security identification, website passwords, and home addresses. You certainly wouldn’t want these sensitive data to fall into the wrong hands.

Part 1. How to Destroy Hard Drive Data Permanently?

Contrary to public assumption, simply deleting the files from the hard drive or formatting the drive can not delete the files forever. Data can still be recovered with certain recovery software for malicious intent. Therefore, for your peace of mind, it is crucial that you choose a professional data wiping tool.

Data wiping is the safest option to prevent data breaches. This method overwrites the drive multiple times to shred all your data from hard drive files and folders, making the data completely unrecoverable. Thus, this helps you to safeguard your confidential information.

Among a range of disk wipe software on the market, iBeesoft File Shredder stands out as the most reliable and highly recommended one. A user-friendly yet powerful tool, iBeesoft File Shredder can effectively and permanently destroy data from specific files, folders, desktops, partitions, and disks to avoid information leakage. Its high-speed wipe feature not only saves your valuable time but also rarely occupies system resources. Now, free download it and see how to permanently delete data from hard drives.

  1. Download iBeeSoft File Shredder and install it.
  2. On the main page, click the "+" button.
  3. Select the specific folder/partition/drives that you want to wipe.
  4. Click "Shred Now" to start shredding.

In case of any important data loss by the wrong operation during the shredding process, ensure that you choose the right folder. And it is better that you make a copy of your valuable data to external drives.

Part 2. Other Ways for How to Destroy Hard Disk

In addition to data wiping programs, there are certain physical ways how to permanently destroy hard drives.

  1. Drilling
  2. A direct method for rendering the platters unreadable is by drilling holes in them. So how to achieve this? You can use a hand drill or a hammer to do it.

  3. Burning
  4. Burning the hard disk usually requires high heat. Not to mention that the fumes may be toxic to your health. Keep in mind, please do this operation in a well-ventilated place, and don’t forget to wear a mask.

  5. Melting
  6. Dipping the hard drives in the acid can completely destroy the platters and housing, rendering any data unreadable. But be aware that this may cause harmful fumes, so observe proper measures.

  7. Degaussing
  8. Degaussing involves using a professional device known as a degausser. This device uses a strong magnetic force to destroy the hard drive.

In conclusion, you can’t be more cautious when it comes to data leakage risks. Therefore, selecting a proper method of data destruction is not a decision that should be taken lightly

Part 3. Frequently Asked Questions for Data Deletion from Hard Drive

  1. How do I permanently delete files from my hard drive?
    1. Install and run the File Shredder Software for Windows PC.
    2. Click the "+" button to choose a location.
    3. Click "Shred Now" to permanently delete the hard drive data immediately.
  2. How do you completely destroy a hard drive?
  3. To destroy data permanently from a hard disk, you can download iBeesoft File Shredder, click the "+" button, select the hard drive and choose "Shred now" to completely delete the data on the hard drive. To physically destroy a hard drive, you can resort to drilling, burning, degaussing, or acid.

  4. Can hard drives be erased completely?
  5. Yes. The safest way to completely erase a hard drive is to use the iBeesoft File Shredder, a professional and secure data erasure solution provider that irreversibly removes sensitive data easily and effectively.

  6. What liquid will destroy a hard drive?
  7. Acid is the most effective liquid that can permanently destroy a hard drive. But it has the risks of toxic fumes during operation.

  8. How do you permanently erase data so that it cannot be recovered?
  9. Professional data wiping programs, like iBeesoft File Shredder, are an ideal solution to permanently erase data. With powerful erasure algorithms, this File Shredder tool can safeguard your important information and privacy. After completing the file erasing, sensitive data cannot be retrieved even with data recovery software.

  10. Can you delete everything off the hard drive?
  11. If you simply delete every file from your hard drive, this will not remove the data on it, because the data can be retrieved with certain recovery programs. To permanently remove data from a hard drive, you can wipe the hard drive with professional data wiping software such as iBeesoft File Shredder.