How to Delete Search History on Safari on Mac/iPhone/iPad

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Keeping your digital footprint private is essential in today's world. One way to do this is by deleting your search history regularly. In this article, we will walk you through the steps to delete search history on Safari on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Table of contents
Part 1: What is Safari Search History
Part 2: Where is Safari History Search Stored?
Part 3: Why Need to Clear Search History on Safari?
Part 6: How to Avoid Safari History Search Leaked
Part 7: FAQs

What is Safari Search History

The search history on Safari refers to the record of web pages, sites, images, videos, and other data points you've visited or searched for while using the Safari browser. This history is stored by Safari to help improve your browsing experience, offering features like auto-complete URLs, making it easier to return to sites you've previously visited, and providing personalized search suggestions.

However, while this feature is useful, it comes with privacy concerns. If someone else uses your device's Safari browser, they may see the content you have searched for or the websites you have visited. Therefore, knowing how to delete your search history on Safari can be critical for maintaining your online privacy.

Where is Safari History Search Stored?

The history search is stored in a database on your device's drive. It differs depending on the device:

For Mac:

The browsing history is located at ~/Library/Safari/History.db for Safari users on a Mac. This database can be accessed with certain tools like sqlite3.

In addition to the database file, there might also be a History.plist file in the same directory (~/Library/Safari/), which can contain parts of your browsing history.

For iPhone and iPad:

Unlike macOS, Apple does not provide a way to access Safari search history because it is part of the iOS system files for security and stability reasons. However, you can view the record directly in the Safari app. To do this, tap the book icon at the bottom of the Safari and then click the clock icon. This will display your complete search history from all tabs.

It's important to note that if you're using Safari across multiple devices (like an iPhone and a Mac) signed into the same Apple ID, your browsing history will be synced across those devices, meaning each device will have its copy of the record stored locally.

Why Need to Clear Search History on Safari?

Deleting your search history is essential in maintaining privacy and security while using the internet. Here's why:

How to Delete Search History on Safari on Mac

Whenever you search for anything in the Safari browser, it generates a history. If you want to clear Safari search history and protect your privacy, please follow the simple steps below:

1. Clear Safari Search History for All/Specific Periods:

  1. Click on the Safari icon in your dock to open the browser.
  2. You'll see a menu bar at the top of your screen. Click on 'History.'

  3. Scroll down, find the 'Clear History' option, then click on it.
  4. Select the time range to delete the Safari history search in the pop-up window. Options include: 'the last hour,' 'today,' 'today and yesterday,' or 'all history.'

  5. Once you've chosen your desired time range, click 'Clear History' again.

2. Deleting Specific Records from Safari History:

  1. Open Safari and choose 'History' from the top menu.
  2. Click 'Show All History.'

  3. Control-click or right-click on it and choose 'Delete' from the contextual drop-down menu.

How to Clear Safari Search History on iPhone/iPad

For mobile devices, if you want to know how to delete search history on Safari, then follow this guide:

Clearing all Safari search history on iPhone/iPad:

  1. Open 'settings.'
  2. Swipe down and find 'Safari' and open it.

  3. Click 'Clear History and Website Data' and confirm.

Deleting Specific Entries from History in Safari:

  1. Tap the Safari icon on your home screen to open the browser.
  2. On the bottom of your Safari, tap the bookmark icon (like an open book).

  3. You'll see an icon that looks like a clock. This is your 'History.' Tap on it.
  4. Here, you'll see a list of recently visited sites. Clear Safari search history by swiping a specific entry to the left and clicking 'Delete.'

Tip: You can also click "Clear" at the bottom of the "History" menu to remove records from a specified time. Options include: 'the last hour,' 'today,' 'today and yesterday,' or 'all time.'

How to Avoid Safari History Search Leaked

In addition to clearing your Safari history regularly, you can follow these steps to avoid leaking your Safari search history:

Remember, these steps can increase your privacy and security while using Safari, but no method is 100% foolproof. Always be mindful of the sites you visit and the information you share online.



As much as we enjoy the convenience and fun of browsing the internet, search history inevitably piles up. Knowing how to delete Safari search history is essential, whether due to privacy concerns or simply wanting to declutter our devices. With our guidance, you should quickly clear Safari search history on Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Following these simple steps, you can surf to your heart's content without worrying about anyone potentially finding your search history.