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iBeesoft iCleaner for Mac - Best Mac Cleaner

Clean up Mac hard drives, speed up the Mac performance, remove junk files from Mac, iBeesoft iCleaner for Mac saves you hours of digging through folders and files, making it one of the best and most powerful cleaner on Mac.

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Supported macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and later
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The Best and Most Powerful Mac Cleaner

Integrated with the latest technology, offering users all the features one needs to clean up Mac hard drive. Supports to clean up all the files or junk you could think of and can not think of. For these not mentioned as categories, check out the "Other junk" feature.

Clean Up Your Mac to Reduce Clutters

You know that averagely a Mac user has over 62GB junk files on the Mac.unbelievable, right? You can scan your Mac to see how many types of junk files there, like system junk, application leftover/junk, mail attachments, trash files, bash history, and more. iBeesoft iMac clean up the clutters, make it tidy and clean.

Why Users Speak Highly of iBeesoft iCleaner for Mac

It not only removes all the junk files one can't see visually but also boost up the Mac performance, keeping it in top shape.

"My Mac is more than 3 years old, too old too run quickly, especially it takes long for the boot time. After using this software to clean up the Mac, very clearly, it runs faster than before, saved my money to ditch it for a new one."



"I was always worried about the privacy of my Mac since my sister always borrowed it to browse the web. Besides setting it up, I always need to clean up the web browsing history, as well as some photos and documents, you know, my secrets I need to protect them. With this software, I only need to delete these files and use this software to clean the junk. It’s very easy!"



"Oh my God! So many clutters I’ve never thought of. I thought cleaning up Mac should be emptying the trash can. It’s more than that!!! This software scans so many existing clutters I had never seen. Clean Mac is simpler with this software."



"A great software to understand where all your space has gone with all types of junk file listed and how much space they take. By doing this, you know how will you prepare the storage, either for buying iCloud storage or external hard drive. And you can save space by cleaning your Mac up. It’s great !!!"



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